Mitch Foster Law goes the extra mile to give the best legal defense in every situation. They strive to fully meet the needs and expectations of each person they represent before the Michigan courts and judicial system.
Winning your case can mean avoiding the filing of charges, dismissing charges before trial, getting a not guilty verdict at trial, getting a conviction overturned or getting an early release from jail or prison.
Also if you are contemplating a new financial start by using the bankruptcy code to discharge debt, Mitch Foster can help give you the information you need to first decide whether bankruptcy is actually right for you and if it is, help you through the myriad of rules.

Health, wellness and weight loss. Those seem to be the three most talked about topics when discussing one's life. Vince Anthony can help with those and many more.

Vince is a licensed health professional and trained Nutrametrix Consultant available to assist other health professionals such as Doctors, Chiropractors, Nutritionists, Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, Coaches & Personal trainers to implement and integrate natural wellness solutions including a clinically proven weight management system within their practices.

Jan Sherman is the "Benefits Tamer." What is that?

As a Benefits Tamer, Jan helps companies, families and individuals tame their benefits to meet their needs and as a result saves them money.

It is important to know that insurance is affordable. Education and knowledge matched with affordability equals your benefits edge.

If you are frustrated by the rising cost of health insurance or confused as to how disability insurance coverage is vital to your life plan, Jan explains that and unravels the mystery of Long Term Care costs in this edition of Ask Natalie First.

Traveling for pleasure or for business, Unlimited Travel Plus can smooth your way and save you money.

Booking a trip for yourself can be time consuming and can actually cost you more money in the long run.  Even if you have booked a trip months ahead of time, Unlimited Travel Plus with its contacts and connections could still save you money.

Unlimited Travel Plus through its state of the art Travel Booking Engine, puts you in touch with all the top vacation vendors such as Apple Vacations, Travel Impressions and Pleasant Holidays, just to name a few.

Unlimited Travel Plus can also help you re-book air travel when cancellations or delays occur to get you to your destination in as timely a manner as possible.

Clarkston Legal, in Clarkston, Michigan, is a full service practice with reasonable fees. 
Lawyers in the modern era MUST be more affordable and accessible to their clients than in the past. There is no place for arrogance! 
One way they do that is with a highly visible presence online via their website and a blog that is updated several times a week with free information that helps inform everyone on legal questions. 
Wills, trusts,divorce and family issues are only a few of the many areas of law that Tim Flynn and Clarkston Legal provides. 
From your first meeting you will know that Tim is on your side in helping solver your legal problems with understanding and compassion. 

As a Realtor, Anne Kohls feels that she is as much an educator as a real estate agent.  She's dedicated to informing, preparing and educating Buyers and Sellers about the relocation process. Anne believes the more informed and educated her clients are, the more comfortable buyers and sellers are with the process.  That translates into less stress and frustration. 
Being part of "The Gould Team" at Keller Williams in Ann Arbor, Michigan, gives Anne the flexibility to be with her clients where and when she's needed because she can rely on her team's support for all the material things to keep transactions smooth for her clients. 
Listen to Anne's tips about purchasing a home on this "Ask Natalie First."

Caught between layoffs and rising costs?
The rising cost of living and high unemployment have left some of our most vulnerable neighbors without the most basic of necessities such as food and fresh produce.  So, with a desire to help others and a generous spirit, Heartfelt Harvest was founded by Cathy DeLeo to help eradicate hunger by providing fresh produce for friends and neighbors who are struggling financially. 
Cathy tells us about her local non-profit and how Heartfelt Harvest's supporters and volunteers have done great work to help supply our local food banks in Oakland County. 
Please give your support.  Listen to this interview and find out how you can help Heartfelt Harvest and your neighbors.

Drakeshire Dental is a family dental practice that has been in continuous operation in the Farmington/Farmington Hills/Livonia/Novi/Northville area for 40 years. 

The practice provides a wide variety of services in a friendly, caring environment. Services include fillings, partials, dentures, surgical services, cosmetics, bleaching, CEREC one visit crown technology, implants, orthodontics and invisalign. 

Drakeshire Dental is an extremely high-tech facility utilizing state-of-the-art infection control, intra-oral video, laser and drill-less dental technology. 

Social Media and mobile marketing is all the rage these days but do you understand how to use those tools to their best advantage with your business? TNT Dynamic Alliances can help.

TNT Dynamic Alliances is a network of experts and professionals in the are of internet and communication technologies that provide small business leading-edge marketing tools to build their businesses. They also provide small and medium-size business owners easy access to the explosion of digital, multi-media and communication technologies available to build their businesses through Client Relationship Management. (CRM)

Learn exactly how TNT Dynamic Alliances can help you on this Ask Natalie First conversation with Todd Gulich.

Businesses are working on smaller and smaller profit margins.  One way to help that bottom line is by cutting costs associated with the use of credit cards for payments of good and services by your customers.

Bill Oliver with First Data Independent Sales can help reduce those costs and also manage inventory, track sales and improve customer satisfaction along with many more benefits for your business.

Find out more and how Bill and FDIS can help your business on this edition of Ask Natalie First.

Emotional Freedom Technique is meridian tapping technique that utilizes the tapping of acupuncture points while a client that focuses on a specific issue. 

EFT is an energy psychology technique developed by Gary Craig based on TFT (Thought Field Therapy) developed by Rodger Calahan.

Listen and find out how Annette and EFT can help your life become easier by utilizing these techniques wherever and whenever you need help.

How many times in your life have you heard the phrase "I'm going to the chiropractor to have my bones cracked?" Doesn't sound fun or helpful does it. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

Chiropractic is a form of medicine that emphasizes diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, especially the spine, to help return the body to its natural state of being healthy. 

The primary focus of Cheryl Nestro at Tutto Interiors in Northville, Michigan is to create beautiful environments using a blend of Traditional, Transitional and Modern styles. 

Tutto Interiors are very conscientious to balance their professional opinion with that of their client's desires. They develop trusting relationships with all their clients. 

They design functional, timeless floor plans while never compromising on style. Their projects range from small scale room makeovers to large scale new construction. 

Save money and have the home or room you really want by listening to Cheryl's valuable advice. 

There are a million ways to be beautiful and Kim Decovich can help you find yours from skin care advice to free makeovers.

Whether you are looking for a customized daily glamour routine, an updated look for your profile photos, wedding day makeup artist services or personalized "Spa Baskets" for your business or personal gift-giving needs, Kim can provide the answer.

You'll love the convenience and confidence of working with someone who offers over 15 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers. Referrals from those happy clients are what fuels Kim's business.

Listen to tips on how to look your best and save money with Kim's advice and expertise.

WLS Electric, LLC is a licensed electrical contracting company that has been in business for over 7 years.  They specialize in commercial and residential wiring, new construction, remodeling and whole house generators.

Bill shares his expertise and valuable advice in this interview about the safety of your home and work place as well as great information on generators and GFI receptacles in your house.

Lee Morof helps people buy and sell homes as a lawyer and an agent with RE/MAX Showcase Homes in Birmingham, Michigan. 

He currently is helping distressed homeowners make a graceful exit from their homes without putting themselves into a situation that could impact their lives for years. Lee explains why you just can't walk away from your underwater home without understanding all of the important facts first. 

You'll want to take notes as your learn about short sales and more.

There is no bigger purchase in one's life than a home. With that purchase of course comes the process of finding the right mortgage that fits your financial situation whatever it may be. 

Mortgage Resource Plus in Birmingham, MI is a Residential Mortgage Brokerage. They utilize a mortgage planning process to empower their clients to achieve their unique life goals through proper utilization of various mortgage strategies. 

Many people ask how they can purchase a home without using all of their savings in today's market. Michael Cauley a Certified Mortgage Planner, explains the options you have as well as all the benefits that the FHA loan has to offer today and in the future. 

Paul Scott Plumbing is a family owned and operated business devoted to serving the community for all your plumbing needs. 

Whether you are searching for an expert in bathroom, kitchen or even basement sump pumps, Paul and his wife Christine can help you in any challenge you may be having with your plumbing. 

They also handle sewer backup and snaking out roots that may be destroying your drain lines. 

Paul Scott Plumbing serves Oakland and Macomb counties with residential and commercial services and you can count on them to give you the help you need when you need it with 24-hour on-call service. 

Costs are going up it seems on everything that we buy.  One area where help is available is our ever rising utility bills.

Frank Wyatt of My Utility Brokers can help save individuals and businesses by finding the best deals on their various utilities such as gas, telephone, internet and more.  The best thing, it doesn't cost you!

Frank also discusses a new business email program that can cut costs and also deliver more business.

Find out more on this very important edition of Ask Natalie First.

You've heard about credit unions but what do you really know about them?

Best Source Credit Union is a full-service financial institution that is committed to the "people helping people" philosophy in the communities it serves.

Best Source Credit Union began in 1954 as the J.L. Hudson's Employees Credit Union and has evolved over the years to not only to continue to serve the now Macy's employees and retirees but also anyone that lives, works or worships in Oakland County, Michigan.

Insurance is something we all have in one form or another.  Maybe it's for our car, our home, our life and others. The question is, how much do we really know about our insurance requirements and what types of insurance we really need to protect ourselves and our loved ones? 

Brad Evans, an agent with Farm Bureau Insurance located in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, gives insight into considerations we all should make in choosing not only the types of insurance we have but coverage levels. 

The UPS Store is a retail business outlet where customers can rent mailboxes and ship packages.  It also provides high quality copy services for important documents and more. In particular, the UPS Store in Clarkston and Novi solve many of the everyday business needs for the busy entrepreneur. 

Businesses who need top-notch color brochures at a great price get them at the UPS Store with their color printing along with standard black and white copying. 

Owner's David and Karen Drapinski take pride in their customer service and work hard to make sure everything they do helps your business. 

Stress and injury can lead to many health issues.  Quinton Guyton. Lieutenant with the Pontiac Fire Department, has taken it upon himself to become a Myomassologist.  This is a person that has studied and is certified in many forms of massage. These include Thai, Shiatsu, Swedist, Reiki Master, Cranio Sacral and last but far from least on the list is Myofascial Release. 

Therapists used hand placement techniques to relieve pain, spasm and increase functional mobility. 

Listen to Quinton from "Have Hands Will Travel" explain the benefits of these techniques to relieve your pain and stress on this edition of Ask Natalie First. 

Jerry and Kathy Birr turned their passion for travel into Unlimited Travel Plus, a full-service travel agency with an extensive online presence. 

Jerry and Kathy started out by researching trips for themselves.  They soon found that they had a vast list of resources that would not only help them in their travel but that of others. They now share those resources through the innovation of technology and capturing the opportunity of booking travel online. 

Located in beautiful Troy, Michigan,  the Quality Inn® hotel is right off I-75 at exit 67. This Troy, MI hotel is central to Detroit's Big Three automakers (General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler) and many top-tier corporations. 

Try the hotel's on-site restaurant "The Wall Street"  for great food and atmosphere! 

Corporate travelers staying with Quality Inn-Troy can take advantage of additional conveniences including a business center with a computer with Internet access and copy and fax service. There are four spacious banquet and meeting rooms located on the premises. 

Learn more on this Ask Natalie First! interview with Becky Vermander, the business manager at Quality Inn-Troy.

Shadrach, Meshach & a Bean to Go is a company that supplies the freshest and smoothest fresh roasted coffee on both the retail and wholesale level. They services restaurants, cafes, offices, theaters and even movie and television productions such as MTV. 

They ship or deliver locally with beans roasted daily. 

Listen to our Ask Natalie First interview and learn more from owner/roaster Kirk Walker about his unique product. We're sure you'll be wanting some coffee soon from Shadrach, Meshach & a Bean to Go.

David M Deutsch is a Master Photographer, trained in the art of lighting and proper body positioning that are most flattering to his subjects. 

David’s love of people and his passion for photography has earned him an exceptional reputation around the country as a leader in the photographic industry. His work has been described as exotic, fun and creative and has been displayed all over the world. 

Your home is the biggest investment of your life but it's also one that continually needs maintenance, remodeling or sometimes even reconstruction.

Many times, simple preventative measures can keep your home from suffering major damage. 

Eric Kindsvater of Above Board Construction shares several easy tips that will stop many home "disasters" from taking place like broken pipes and roof problems. Also should the worst happen, Above Board Construction can work with your insurance company to do the repairs that are needed. 

Find out more on this edition of Ask Natalie First! 

Video, quality video, is becoming more and more an important part of search on the web. MotionEcho Media provides that product. 

From business video, to video business cards to video resumes, MotionEcho Media goes the extra mile. 

Hear more from John Richardson on this Ask Natalie First!

We are a company that specializes in creating and distributing video content that is both engaging and affordable. We help you personalize your business, then assist you in focusing your advertising dollars to your target audience, whether that be national or local markets. If you want to make your website more engaging, informative, and easier to find than ever before, then MotionEcho can help you. 

With the current economic situation in the United States, financial and retirement planning is more important than ever before. Putting together those plans though aren't simple. 

One has to determine what level of income they need to live the lifestyle they want. What about future medical costs? Where should I put my money now so that it is there when I need it?

Ask Natalie First sits down with Ryan Malloch, Senior Vice President of Innovative Investment Services to get the answers to those questions and much more. 

Do you or your company have a website?  That's a silly question isn't it.  Almost every person or company has a website these days.  The real question is does it deliver what you expected from it?

Ask Natalie First talks with Steve Hyer of IGD Solutions about constructing a web presence that not only delivers your message but also puts you at the top of the list in online search.

Internet Global Data Solutions Corporation is a Michigan Corporation founded in 1999.  Our offices are currently based in Clarkston, Michigan.  We are currently a profitable company that focuses on servicing business clients in the area of Website and Internet Services

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is one of the most beautiful places in the world.  While many think only of visiting it during the lush summers, winter can also be a great time to take in Upper Peninsula of Michigan and enjoy not only the setting but also the winter outdoor sports it offers such as ice fishing and snowmobiling. 

Sleep up to 12 people in one of their beautiful homes.

The Sleepy Eyed Goose Resort offers not only outstanding accommodations but also complete access to the essence of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. 

Natalie talks with owner Les Ladd about the Sleepy Eyed Goose Resort and the experiences that are awaiting its customers. 

We've all bought shades, blinds, or shutters at some point in our lives for our home.  Many times we head off to a big box type home improvement center and just grab something "off the shelf." Unfortunately too often, what we take home doesn't quite look the way we thought it would. 

John Gentilia of Perfect View Blinds actually comes to your home with shades, blinds and shutters so you can see exactly what the finished look will be plus he measures to give you the right fit. 

Find out more as Natalie talks to John on this Ask Natalie First. 

You've probably heard the phrase "Oh, oh, better get Maaco!" but what exactly does Maaco do? Natalie talks to Lenny Dicks of Maaco Collision Repair and Auto Painting not only about that but also tips on how to take care of your car's finish and not visit him prematurely.  Lenny also talks about his collision service along with the classic car restorations his company does. 

MAACO is America’s body shop, with close to 500 body shop locations across the continent. We provide auto paint and auto body repair services for over 12,000 vehicles a week, 600,000 a year,more than any other company in North America.

We offer fleet maintenance as well. Stop by and experience Macco today!

Call Lenny Dicks today!

We'd all like to lower our utility bills with them seemingly getting higher and higher each month. Frank Wyatt of Consumer Choice Marketing can help you do that.

Natalie finds out exactly how Frank can help you save money each and every month on your utility bill and we all love to save money! is the one-stop comparison website for consumers looking to shop and save on essential home products and services.

We offer value for money, Fortune 500 product options, and the convenience of all your household utility needs.

Natural Gas, Home Phone, DSL, Cable Internet, Cell Phone’s. is operated by Consumer Choice Marketing LLC.

 Marie Jakubiak, a Certified Public Accountant, helps clients to not dread quarterly tax reporting. She provides ongoing outstanding service year round that includes deciphering the latest changes to the tax laws. Quickbooks is a breeze with Marie helping you. 

Natalie talks with Marie and gets some tips you can use now to begin preparing yourself for a very successful year. 

At Marie A. Jakubiak & Associates, P.C., those words represent the commitment we make to our clients. We're committed to providing 

Now is the time to think of cleaning and organizing your home . Yes, think but who has time. It is a breeze. Just ask Jo to help. Her and her staff should be your backbone to being organized and clutter free at home and work. Natalie chats with Jo Golda whose business delivers quality help in both areas. 

Ron Rocz from RE/MAX Showcase Homes in Birmingham,Michigan, is a full time Realtor in the metro Detroit area for the last 8 years.  

As Southeast Michigan started to have their problems of the recent years, he realized that several of his friends,past clients and contacts in the area needed help and turned to Ron. He embraced the challenges of the values of property along with the increase in short sales and foreclosures in Michigan.

Listen to Ron and learn what you need to do should you be in one of these situations.

For the right facts and your source for short sales go to:

Ron Rocz
248.541.4900 office
248.798.4404 mobile.sms.txt 

Would you like to be "Shot by Bob?" Bob DiTommaso has taken his hobby and passion and turned it into a thriving photography business.  Bob has actually "shot" many of the people appearing on Ask Natalie First! including Natalie herself. 

Bob shares his passion and many photography tips on this Ask Natalie First!

Get Shot By  "For A Price, I'll Shoot Your Relatives!"

The study of the art of photography is a life long education. Evolutions in the software has made photography even more technical than ever before. The skill of the photographer is what makes a difference in the final images. Weddings, Anniversaries, Babies, Graduations & Capturing thatspecial moment. 

Turning a passion into a business is what Barbara Burnham has done with Radiance Artworks. Her business now creates beautiful tile work with Michigan and Michigan State logos and more universities to come. Find out more as Natalie talks with Barbara on this Ask Natalie First!

Radiance Artworks is a distributor of licensed collegiate products showcasing exquisite handmade relief tiles, unique self-adhesive fabric stickers for posters, banners and laptop covers, frames and cast glass platters. At present we are licensees for Michigan State University and The University of Michigan.

Natalie recently appeared on an edition of the Maurer Marketing Minutes with Sandra Maurer. Natalie explained her business philosophy which relies on word-of-mouth referrals. Hear what Natalie had to say.

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