Energy Savings

Ask Natalie First #27-Frank Wyatt-My Utility Brokers

Costs are going up it seems on everything that we buy.  One area where help is available is our ever rising utility bills.

Frank Wyatt of My Utility Brokers can help save individuals and businesses by finding the best deals on their various utilities such as gas, telephone, internet and more.  The best thing, it doesn't cost you!

Frank also discusses a new business email program that can cut costs and also deliver more business.

Find out more on this very important edition of Ask Natalie First.

Ask Natalie First! #9-Frank Wyatt-Consumer Choice Marketing-Utility Broker

We'd all like to lower our utility bills with them seemingly getting higher and higher each month. Frank Wyatt of Consumer Choice Marketing can help you do that.

Natalie finds out exactly how Frank can help you save money each and every month on your utility bill and we all love to save money! is the one-stop comparison website for consumers looking to shop and save on essential home products and services.

We offer value for money, Fortune 500 product options, and the convenience of all your household utility needs.

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