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Ask Natalie First #44-Kathy Birr-Unlimited Travel Plus

Traveling for pleasure or for business, Unlimited Travel Plus can smooth your way and save you money.

Booking a trip for yourself can be time consuming and can actually cost you more money in the long run.  Even if you have booked a trip months ahead of time, Unlimited Travel Plus with its contacts and connections could still save you money.

Unlimited Travel Plus through its state of the art Travel Booking Engine, puts you in touch with all the top vacation vendors such as Apple Vacations, Travel Impressions and Pleasant Holidays, just to name a few.

Ask Natalie First #22-Jerry Birr-Unlimited Travel Plus

Jerry and Kathy Birr turned their passion for travel into Unlimited Travel Plus, a full-service travel agency with an extensive online presence. 

Jerry and Kathy started out by researching trips for themselves.  They soon found that they had a vast list of resources that would not only help them in their travel but that of others. They now share those resources through the innovation of technology and capturing the opportunity of booking travel online. 

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