Ask Natalie First #12-Les Ladd-Sleepy Eyed Goose Resort

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is one of the most beautiful places in the world.  While many think only of visiting it during the lush summers, winter can also be a great time to take in Upper Peninsula of Michigan and enjoy not only the setting but also the winter outdoor sports it offers such as ice fishing and snowmobiling. 

Sleep up to 12 people in one of their beautiful homes.

The Sleepy Eyed Goose Resort offers not only outstanding accommodations but also complete access to the essence of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. 

Natalie talks with owner Les Ladd about the Sleepy Eyed Goose Resort and the experiences that are awaiting its customers. 

Located on the south shore of Big Manistique Lake, we are centrally located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  There are thousands of acres of forest to walk and miles of Lake Michigan and Lake Superior beaches.  Well kept golf courses are also located in nearby Germfask, Newberry and Naubinway.  The Sleepy Eyed Goose Resort is located in the Cook's Bay area of Big Manistique Lake, 4 miles from downtown Curtis and is open year round. Check out and call Les or Kristi 906-586-3368

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