Ask Natalie First! #5-Bob DiTommaso-Shot by Bob

Would you like to be "Shot by Bob?" Bob DiTommaso has taken his hobby and passion and turned it into a thriving photography business.  Bob has actually "shot" many of the people appearing on Ask Natalie First! including Natalie herself. 

Bob shares his passion and many photography tips on this Ask Natalie First!

Get Shot By  "For A Price, I'll Shoot Your Relatives!"

The study of the art of photography is a life long education. Evolutions in the software has made photography even more technical than ever before. The skill of the photographer is what makes a difference in the final images. Weddings, Anniversaries, Babies, Graduations & Capturing thatspecial moment. 

Robert DiTommaso Photography LLC
Phone: (248) 608-8563
Fax: (248) 608-8563
Cell: (248) 941-4859



Cell: (248) 941-4859